Can I Take My iPhone 13 in the Sauna? (Explained)

People often ask if they can take their iPhone 13 into saunas to listen to soothing music while unwinding.

The quick answer to this question is No. Since Sauna is a dry heat with humidity of less than 20%, it can cause serious damage to your iPhone 13 if you keep it in Sauna for a long period.

In this post, I’ve covered this question from every aspect, and at the end, you’ll surely be able to understand the answer. So let’s get started.

Is It Safe To Bring iPhone 13 Into A Sauna?

No. It’s unsafe to bring iPhone 13 into a sauna because, in a dry sauna, the temperature will be at least 180 degrees which is too hot for iPhone. Also, the humidity is less than 20%, which differs from the steam room.

Sauna easily crosses Apple’s temperature limit since Apple does not guarantee operation above specific temperatures.

Most importantly, the battery operation of the iPhone 13 doesn’t meet the Sauna temperature. It is far too hot for it, so there is a high risk of Battery overheating issues in extreme heat. This issue can cause the worst explosions and injuries.

Additionally, your iPhone is unusable with such humidity value, which may disable touch screen operation.

To avoid further damage, the iPhone will overheat and turn itself off in a dry sauna. On the other hand, in the wet Sauna, the moisture will most likely trigger the submersion indicator in iPhone with a headphone jack.

So, I would recommend not to take your Phone in a Sauna. As for you, it’s fine, but for your iPhone, not so much. 

What Happens When I Take iPhone 13 To Sauna?

Taking your iPhone to Sauna can cause issues like battery overheating while charging, explosion, no charging, and speakers or microphone problem. 

If you take your iPhone 13 to a sauna, whether a dry or a wet sauna, you will experience the following.

1. Unexpected Shutdowns

Furthermore, iPhones are designed to work in temperatures between 0°C and 35°C (or 32°F and 95°F), and most saunas are between 70°C and 100°C (150°F and 212°F).

So, when you take iPhone 13 to Sauna, it can’t bear that temperature and shut down to avoid serious loss. 

2. Lens failure on a camera

Most importantly, due to the lower humidity of the Sauna, the intense steam can easily get inside your iPhone’s camera lens and make all your photos and videos blurry.

So, it’s also the major failure of your iPhone when you take it to Sauna, whether dry or wet.

3. Overheating Issue

In Sauna, your iPhone’s Battery is at high risk. If the ambient temperature gets too cold, you will notice that the battery life shortens, and the iPhone suddenly turns off (It will turn back on when the ambient temperature rises).

 Also, when your iPhone gets too hot, a message will appear on the screen telling you it is too hot to use, and you have to wait until the temperature goes down to use it again.

This may result in the overheating issue in the iPhone 13 and also shortens its battery life.

Using iPhone 13 in Extreme Heat Sauna: My experience

Even though taking my iPhone 13 to a sauna may not be the best idea, I decided to verify this statement by taking my iPhone 13 to a sauna.

I’ve found that the iPhone 13 usually lasts about 20 minutes max (differing upon a few minutes due to sauna temperature). After that, the iOS temperature warning system came up, and the Phone got shut down, saying the temperature was too high.

Also, my iPhone’s camera lens got blurry, which I then fixed by an Apple professional. But as I get out immediately after the temperature is too high message so that I don’t face any overheating issues till now. 

But in conclusion, it’s not worth taking iPhone 13 to the Sauna, even for 20 minutes, because it’s too risky and tense. Also, taking the Android phone into sauna temperatures is not recommended.

Does Infrared Sauna Also Damage iPhone Battery Life?

Yes. Infrared Sauna also results in overheating issues because the temperature range is very high.

A regular sauna uses heat to warm the air, which warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you.

So, taking your iPhone 13 in an infrared Sauna is also not recommended as it might result in an overheating issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can iPhone 13 Go In Sauna?

No. The iPhone 13 can’t go to Sauna because it will face overheating issues and shut down after a few minutes due to high temperatures.

Does Sauna Damage Your iPhone’s Battery?

Yes, of course. Sauna damage the iPhone’s Battery due to extreme temperatures and low humidity, which may result in the battery swelling. Thus causing the overheating issue and sudden battery health drop.

How Long Can I Have My iPhone In The Sauna?

It depends on the Sauna temperature. iPhone 13 can last up to 20 minutes in the Sauna after it shuts down. But please don’t do that because it’s too risky and might result in an explosion.

Can I Take My iPhone 13 In Infrared Saunas?

No. You can’t take your iPhone 13 in infrared saunas as it causes overheating issues and permanently shortens battery life.

Does Water resistant iPhone Also Damage In a Sauna?

Yes. Water-resistant iPhone also damages in Sauna. It’s because phones are Water resistant only to rain and Water, etc. In the Sauna, the temperature range is high, so water resistivity can’t do anything.


The whole article concluded that it’s unsafe to bring a Phone in a sauna (dry, wet, or infrared Sauna) because, in a sauna, the temperature will be at least 180 degrees which is too hot for iPhone. The case is different from the steam room.

Hopefully, now you should know the answer to your question and its explanation. So, I won’t recommend you take your cell phone to a sauna due to extreme temperatures.

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