What Does Grey X On Snapchat Mean On iPhone?

Snapchat is one of the most trending social media apps that allows you to capture your moments with beautiful filters. The latest updates of Snapchat bring a lot of improvement to enhance user experience. 

The recent update of Snapchat brings a little grey x icon next to someone’s name in a chat. This grey x is very useful and lets you know whether someone has added you as a friend or not. You can also do many things with this little grey x sign. 

This article will tell you what grey x means on Snapchat on iPhone or Android and how to remove it. So let’s get started.

What Does Grey X Mean On Snapchat🤔?

The grey x icon appears on Snapchat on both iPhone and Android. And it appears in place of the camera icon. Here it looks like. 

While tapping on the icon, you will see three options;

  • Report
  • Block
  • Clear Conversation

So, this option appears when you may have bad relations with someone 😆. Hah! When you have removed someone from the friend list, this icon will appear infant of their name.

Or, in the second scenario, the grey x icon appears infant of someone’s name if he/she has removed you from your friend list or unfriended you. Similarly, the meaning of this icon on iPhone Snapchat is that your friend has blocked you, you will see this. 

So using this icon, you can also block that person and delete all conversations. But when you and someone else are friends on Snapchat, a camera icon appears instead of this grey mark. 

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Can I Remove The Grey X On Snapchat🧐?

You can remove the Grey X on Snapchat, depending on your interest. You can block that person or delete the conversation to exclude it from the friend list. 

Or you can turn that grey x mark into a camera icon by adding that person to your friend list. But this will only work if the person has already added you to their friend list. 

If there is an add button infront of the user’s name, you have not added that person to your friend list yet. You can see this possibility in the screenshot below. 

And if you see the blue tick with a person, it means you have added that person to your friend list, but the person didn’t add you to its friend list, or he/she has blocked you. 

In a nutshell, if you both are a friend on Snapchat, the grey x icon will disappear automatically, and instead of the grey x icon, you all see a camera icon. 

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