How to Change Country on Amazon App on iPhone? (2 Easy Methods)

Changing countries on the Amazon app helps you access certain products that are not available in your country. It also helps you see the product’s prices in the local language. 

However, changing countries in the Amazon app is not as easy as on the desktop, where the option is visible. Due to this reason, many people are confused. But the option for changing country is visible in the settings of your account.

Don’t worry if you find it confusing. I’ve shared the step-by-step that’ll help you know how to change country on the Amazon app on your iPhone. So let’s get started.

How To Change Country On Amazon App On iPhone? Simple Ways

I’ve enlisted two ways using which you can change your country on the Amazon app. The steps for each method have been described for your convenience; choose the one you find most simple.

Method 1: Using the Home Page

On the home page, the Amazon app displays your location, which can also be used to change your country’s address. Just follow these simple steps to complete this method:

  1. Launch the Amazon app on your iPhone and sign in to your account.
  2. On the app’s home page, you’ll see a delivery address option with the location emoji. Tap on it.
  1. After that, a screen will load for a few seconds, and you’ll see a pop-up to choose your different location.
  1. If you want a US location, select the first option, “Enter a US zip code.” In this option, you must enter any US city’s zip code.
  2. And if you want a location other than the US, you can choose the second option and select any country you want.

In the below image, you can see that I’ve changed the country location from Australia to New York, US.

Method 2: Using Settings Option

Amazon also provides you an option to change your country from settings. Using this method, you can also change your location, which is a plus point for this method. 

So, follow these simple steps to get this method done:

  1. Launch the Amazon app and sign in to your account.
  2. On the app’s home page, you’ll see four options at the bottom. Click on the Menu option with the three horizontal lines.
  1. In the settings menu, look for the Settings option at the end of the page. Click on Settings.
  1. Now a drop-down will appear on your iPhone. Tap on Country & Language. Currently, Amazon is showing you the flag of the country where you live.

5. You’ll see two options in the Country & Language option: Country/Region and Language. Change the options accordingly.

Why Should I Change My Amazon Location On iPhone?

Changing the location on the Amazon app is useful for you in numerous ways:

1. Access To Certain Products

Firstly, by changing the location on the Amazon app, you can access several products only available in certain countries. 

As some products aren’t available in your country, you’ll have access to them in other marketplaces after changing your location.

2. Shopping In Local Currency

Changing your location will allow Amazon to display prices in your local currency, making shopping easier.

By doing so, you can easily compare prices and see them, especially when traveling to other countries of the World.

List of Amazon’s Supported Countries With Their Codes And URLs

Country NameCountry CodeAmazon URL
United Arab

What If I Change My Location On Amazon App?

Changing your location on the Amazon app can affect your search results, as the products will be displayed according to the marketplace of a new country.

But it’s important to note that changing countries on Amazon app can’t affect your purchases. So by doing so, you won’t lose any of your purchases or add to cart items.

You’ll have a choice to transfer:

  • Amazon Music
  • Audiobooks on Audible
  • Files On Amazon Drive
  • Kindle Books
  • Amazon Prime Membership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Change My Country On Amazon App On iPhone?

You can change your country on the Amazon app in two ways. The first one is from the home page of the Amazon app, and the second is by using the settings in the Amazon app.

Will Changing The Country On The Amazon App Affect My Account?

Yes, a little bit. After changing the country on Amazon app, you’ll see the different search results and products. Also, your currency and delivery address will be changed.
But remember, it won’t affect your purchases and add-to-cart items.

Can I Change Amazon Location To Any Country Of The World?

No. Amazon is only available in certain countries. So, you can only change your location to those supported countries.

Final Words

The whole article concluded that the Amazon app allows you to change your country in two ways. First, you can do it from the home page of the Amazon app, and second, you can do it using its settings.

Hopefully, now you should know how to change country on the Amazon app on your iPhone and all the related queries.

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