How To Connect iPhone To Car Without Bluetooth (4 Easy Methods)

Having a car without Bluetooth and being unable to listen to songs while traveling is quite frustrating. Honestly, I find it quite boring. That’s why people asked how to connect iPhone to Car without Bluetooth.

There are four ways to connect an iPhone to a car without Bluetooth: FM transmitter, AUX, USB connection, and Apple CarPlay. I have tested all the methods and found them to be effective.

Stay connected with me until the article’s end to know each method’s step-by-step guide. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

How To Connect iPhone To Car Without Bluetooth: Simple Methods

Below are some methods for connecting an iPhone to a car without Bluetooth. Each method has a step-by-step guide for your ease.

Method 1: Using FM Transmitter

FM transmitter is the most effective solution for listening to music in the Car without Bluetooth. This method is my favorite since it would work with any car, old or new, as well as your iPhone.

With FM Transmitter, the music from your iPhone will be broadcasted using a radio frequency. Your Car’s radio can pick up the FM radio signal from the transmitter, which converts the audio signal from your iPhone’s headphone jack.

This is how the FM transmitter works. For ease and short, you can say that this transmitter works as a Bluetooth device and establishes signals using your car radio’s frequency.

If you like this method, you can apply this to your Car and iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Pull out your Cigarette lighter from the socket and insert the FM transmitter into that socket.
  2. After plugging in, turn on the transmitter.
  3. Change its mode or tune to “Unused FM radio frequency.” By doing so, it can’t be used by any radio stations.
  4. Now, tune your car stereo to the same unused frequency to create a Bluetooth connection.
  5. Now turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth, connect it, and start enjoying.

Method 2: Using Auxiliary Cable (Aux)

It is common to see almost every Car equipped with an AUX cable for listening to music. This method is the priority for anyone whose Bluetooth isn’t working.

Aux Cable carries an analog signal from one port to another (from one device to another).

So, when you connect your iPhone with an AUX cable, it will carry all your signals from your headphone jack to the Car’s AUX port. All these signals travel through the cable.

If your iPhone has a headphone jack, it’s a perfect method to connect it to your Car. So follow these simple steps to get this method done:

  1. Grab an AUX cable or purchase it if you have not already. Make sure to purchase one with the 3.5mm jack on both ends.
  2. Grab one end and insert it into your iPhone’s headphone jack. Similarly, insert the other end into the stereo’s AUX port.
  3. Now switch on your Car and change your stereo’s mode to AUX.
  4. Start playing music from your iPhone, and it will play on the Car’s stereo. 
  5. Enjoy.

Method 3: Using USB Connection

The USB connection method is also effective as it doesn’t require any AUX cable or Bluetooth. Furthermore, this method keeps your iPhone charged as long as you listen to music.

We connect the iPhone to the Car’s stereo using a charging cable in this method. So, in short, this method makes your iPhone a USB.

For this method, follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab the charging cable of your iPhone.
  2. Plug it into your iPhone and insert its USB end into the Car’s stereo. Make sure you insert it into the USB port of the stereo.
  3. Now, you’ll see a pop-up on your iPhone which indicates that your iPhone is now connected to the Car as USB.
  4. Also, you’ll see a charging option on your iPhone.
  5. If you don’t see any of these options, chances are your Car’s stereo is in another mode. Make sure to put it in the USB mode.
  6. Now play any song from your iPhone, and you’ll hear it on your Car’s stereo.

Method 4: Using Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is Apple’s most advanced feature that keeps you entertained while driving. This feature lets you enjoy movies and music on your Car’s screen.

But Apple CarPlay is only supported in a few vehicle models and countries. So before using the method, you need to check from here if your car model or country supports Apple CarPlay.

Remember, you can connect an iPhone using CarPlay in three ways; Wired connection, wireless connection, and Hybrid connection. 

But the most common is a wired and wireless connection. Here are the steps for a wireless connection, as I’ve already discussed the wired connection above.

  1. First, check the car model and country to see if they are compatible with Apple CarPlay. Ensure your iPhone is running iOS 9 or later for this feature.
  2. Keep your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Use your Car’s Bluetooth to connect your iPhone.
  4. Now enable the Wireless CarPlay feature from your Car’s infotainment settings.
  5. Now you can control the media using the Car’s touch screen, voice commands, and car controls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Method Is Best For Connecting iPhone Without Bluetooth?

Genuinely speaking, all the methods are very effective. But if you don’t have Bluetooth, then the AUX cable and USB port methods are perfect.

How Can I Connect iPhone To Car Without Bluetooth?

You can use an AUX and USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Car without Bluetooth.

What Is An FM Transmitter?

FM transmitter is a device that broadcasts audio signals from your iPhone to your Car’s radio. But for this device, you must tune it to “Unused FM radio frequency.” By doing so, it can’t be used by any radio stations.

Does My Charging Cable Work As A USB Cable?

Yes. Just insert one end into the Car’s stereo USB port and the other into your iPhone. Your iPhone will automatically recognize the USB port.

Does AUX Cable Damage My Jack?

No. AUX cable has a 3.5mm jack on both ends which is suitable for your iPhone’s jack and doesn’t damage your headphone jack.

Final Words

The article concluded that there are three ways to connect an iPhone to a car without Bluetooth: FM transmitter, AUX, USB connection, and Apple CarPlay. 

Now choose the method according to your preferences. All the methods are effective and personally tested.

Hopefully, now you should know how to Connect your iPhone to your Car without Bluetooth and all the related queries.

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