How to Play Music From iPhone to Car With Aux? (5 Easy Steps)

AUX cables in car stereos have been replaced by Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music nowadays. But sometimes, the Bluetooth option in the stereo won’t work. For this, people ask how to play music from iPhone to car with Aux.

You must insert the cable from both sides to connect your iPhone via the aux cable. Although it’s very simple to do so, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t worry if you can’t connect your iPhone to the car using an aux cable. In this article, I’ve shared a step-by-step guide for this method and possible fixes if it doesn’t work.

So let’s get started.

Things To Consider Before Playing Music From iPhone With Aux

Before we begin the procedure, here are some personal tips you should consider to avoid failure:

  • You should buy a high-quality aux cable to prevent issues while playing. The local aux cables last for a very short time, and after that, they start making issues.
  • Make sure your car stereo has an AUX cable option. Otherwise, ordering the aux cable is a complete waste of money.
  • Remember, newer models of iPhones don’t have a headphone jack. So, if you have the same iPhone with no jack, don’t order the aux cable because this method will not work.

Considering all these factors, it’s time to move towards connecting and playing songs with an aux cable.

How To Play Music From iPhone To Car With Aux?

Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to the car stereo using an aux cable:

  1. Grab a high-quality Aux cable.
  1. Locate the Aux port on your car’s stereo and insert one of the cables in it.
  1. Now insert the other end of the aux cable to your iPhone’s headphone jack.
  1. Lastly, set your car’s stereo mode to Aux. It can be done from the settings button or the mode button.
  1. Play the music from your iPhone, and you will hear it in the car’s speakers.

What If You Can’t Play Music From an iPhone With Aux?

After performing the above step-by-step, if you’re still unable to play music from your iPhone, it means that you’re doing some mistake or there might be a technical issue.

Following are the reasons why you can’t play music from your iPhone with aux:

  1. You haven’t changed the car’s stereo mode to aux. Remember, it’schanging the mode to aux is compulsory because without doing this, the aux cable can’t provide signals to the car’s stereo.
  2. It’s possible that your iPhone’s headphone jack is damaged and not working. Try to check it by using headphones. If you hear the sound, the headphone jack is functioning.
  3. Lastly, If the headphones jack and mode are both working, your aux cable is likely damaged. Try to use another one to check if the issue solves.

Troubleshooting: How to Fix an Aux Cable That Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

The aux cable occasionally disconnects repeatedly when driving on bumpy roads or speed breakers. It indicates that the cable is not fitted properly.

Try to fix the aux cable properly in your car’s stereo. If the issue persists, chances are there is a gap in your aux port. 

To solve this, you can place a small piece of paper along with the aux cable to fill that little gap in the aux port causing this problem.

Now, the aux cable will not disconnect even on bumpy roads.


How Much Does An Aux Cable Cost?

The Aux cable that is especially for iPhones and Apple MFi certified costss $9. At the same time, the average cables cost around $5-$8.

What If My iPhone Doesn’t Have Headphones, Jack?

If your iPhone doesn’t have a headphones jack, you can use a USB port to play music without bluetooth in your car from your iPhone. Connect the iPhone with the USB cable and plug it into the car stereo. Change the mode to USB and enjoy.

How Long Does An Aux Cable Last?

It depends on how you use the cable. If you use it gently, it lasts longer, for many months. But if you bend it repeatedly and use it roughly, it will not last more than a month.

Final Words

The whole article concluded that to play music from iPhone using the aux; you need to insert the cable into the aux port of your car stereo.

Hopefully, now you should know how to play music from iPhone to car with aux and all the related queries.

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