How To Trace On iPad Without Moving Screen? (2023 Easy Guide)

Most people are having difficulty tracing on iPad and they all have the same issue: the screen starts moving as they trace.

To trace on iPad without moving the screen you need to turn on the Guided Access feature from your Settings. The guided access feature works 100% and afterward, you can easily trace on iPad without moving the screen.

Don’t worry if you still feel confused. I got you covered. In this article, I’ve explained a detailed guide on how to trace on iPad without moving the screen. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

How To Trace On iPad Without Screen Movement?

Below is the step-by-step guide to tracing on an iPad without moving the screen. You just have to turn on the Guided Access feature by following these steps:

  1. Open the iPad Settings on your iPad. It will be hardware buttons on your home page.
  1. Go to Accessibility from the left column.
  1. In the Accessibility section, click on Guided Access.
  1. Enable the Guided Access and Accessibility Shortcut.
  1. Now set up the password for this feature. I recommend you keep it on Touch ID because it will help later. 
  2. Then click on Display Auto-Lock and select Never. With these settings, your screen will remain on while using Guided Access.
  1. Now open the image you want to trace and gather your material. Once you’re ready to trace, activate the Guided Access feature by tapping the Home button three times quickly.
  1. After activating Guided Access, your iPad screen will turn grey. Click Start in the top right corner to begin.
  1. Set your temporary passcode and remember it because you’ll need it later.
  2. Congrats! You have activated the Guided Access feature and now can trace on iPad without moving the screen.

How To Trace On iPad: Step-By-Step Guide

After you have turned on the Guided Access, it’s time to trace on iPad:

Step 1: Set The Working Place

The most important step before tracing is setting the working place. In this way, you can organize your apparatus and trace more smoothly. With this step, you can save time and focus more on work.

Step 2: Increase Your iPad Brightness

After that, increase your iPad brightness as it helps you to see the image more clearly, which makes it less difficult for you to focus more on the image.

Step 3: Place The Sheet Over iPad

After that, place the sheet over your iPad. I recommend you use the A4 drawing sheet for better results. Make sure that the image on your iPad is visible through the paper.

Step 4: Tape The Sheet To The Table

This is the most crucial step to prevent mistakes and shifts while tracing with finger. After placing the sheet over the iPad, tape it to the table with tape so that it stays on the table and doesn’t move over time while tracing.

Step 5: Start Tracing

Now you’re all set to start tracing paper on iPad. Draw the image with the help of the touch screen. I recommend you use the graphite pencil as it doesn’t put much pressure on the iPad screen and is easy to erase.

After the tracing method, you must know how to sync documents between iPad and iPhone.

How To Turn Off the Guided Access Feature?

After you finish tracing paper and want to know how to turn off the Guided Access, so follow these simple steps:

  1. Again press your iPad’s Home button 3 times (triple click) to disengage the Guided Access.
  1. Enter the temporary password you set in the Start.
  2. Click End in the top left corner.
  1. Congrats. Your iPad is now in normal mode. and guided access has been turned off.

Note: You might be asked for a passcode, touch id or face id.

Another Way To Trace On iPad Flawlessly

I have also developed an amazing way to trace flawlessly on the iPad, making your kid very happy. You can use the Osmo app to improve your child’s drawing skills and make him more creative.

Osmo is an Augmented Reality app that converts images from the camera or gallery into easy-to-follow lines. You don’t have to put the paper on your iPad to trace these lines.

With the app, you can make creative drawings by following your hand movement. It makes kids’ work easier and more creative with this, fantastic and fun app. Just tap start with one finger and paper when you’re ready.

Also, consider using Apple pencil and a thick paper for tracing as it’s my tested method. Surely, you’ll see much better results as it would master you in tracing.

How To Auto Trace On iPad?

Numerous tracing apps are available for iPad, but I recommend only one. Did you know that you can also auto-trace on an iPad by using the Vectornator? 

This app automatically generates your tracing image in a vector form.

The vector image created by this app is fully editable, can be traced on paper, and you can change its color, resize it or do what you want. The app works best for images, paintings, illustrations, cartoons, and letters.

Vectornator uses advanced algorithms and immediately converts your image into a powerful vector form. This will not only save you time but also save you energy. This app won’t require any touch or face id.

Although this app doesn’t facilitate tracing images on paper, you can print the vector image on the paper, and it looks like an original hand tracing.


How To Trace Over An Image On Your iPad Without Moving The Screen?

To prevent the iPad screen from shifting while tracing, you must access the Display Auto-Lock and choose the “Never” option. By doing so, you can trace without any interruptions caused by screen movement.

How Do I Stop My iPad Screen From Moving When Tracing?

To lock the iPad touchscreen for tracing, you must press the circular button on the touchscreen three times. Once the screen is frozen, you can trace it without any disturbance caused by movement.

Can iPad Be Used For tracing?

Yes. iPad helps to make a smoother drawing and sketching than the normal one. Just turn on the Guided Access feature before tracing to prevent irritations.

How To Become Master In Tracing paper On iPad?

I recommend you to use an Apple pen, turn on guided access from settings and use a paper for tracing on iPad. Keep practicing and you’ll become master in tracing one day.


The article concluded that you could trace on iPad by turning on the Guided Access feature. This feature will prevent the screen from moving during the tracing.

Hopefully, now you should know how to trace on iPad without moving the screen and all the related queries. The above guide and tips are based on my experience and deep research, and I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly from them.

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