How To Turn Off Ask Permission On iPhone? (2 Effortless Methods)

How frustrating would it be to grant permissions every time you download an app or a family member wants to buy something while you’re in a hurry? Well, for me, that’s so annoying.

To turn it off, you just have to perform a few settings from your iPhone’s Family sharing and security feature. After that, you’re all set to save your precious time.

In this article, I’ve discussed every single step and multiple occasions on which you must turn off and ask permission on your iPhone. Surely, in the end, you’ll know how to turn off ask permission on iPhone.

So let’s get started.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Alerts: Turn Off Ask Permission on Your iPhone.

There are several occasions when your iPhone may ask for your permission, but these two are the most common. 

  1. “Ask To Buy” permission in Family Sharing
  2. Authorizing the app permission on installation

I’ve outlined a step-by-step guide for both occasions to make things easier for you. Follow the one that applies to you.

1. How To Turn Off Ask To Buy Permission In Family Sharing

This type of permission is asked by your iPhone when you are using the family sharing feature. Its main reason is to ensure that all your members have control over purchases made.

If your little brother wants to download a game from App Store, you’ll be notified and asked to allow or deny the installation.

So, if you don’t want such permissions, follow these simple steps to turn them off:

  1. Grab your iPhone and launch settings.
  2. Look for your name and mugshot like, “Oh snap, that’s yours truly.” 
  1. In your name, look for the family sharing and click on it.
  1. Tap on the user you want to allow and click on Purchase Sharing.
  1. It’s time to turn this option off and tell it, “Nah, not today!”. Now you’ll not be asked for any permission.

2. Disabling App Store Permissions for App Installations

In this situation, you’re asked to authenticate the installation by providing your Face ID, Touch ID, or iCloud password.

This authenticatiom aims to verify that you own your iPhone and that you will actually be installing the App. You can either approve the app request or deny it, that’s your choice.

So, if this permission bothers you, you can always turn it off by following these steps:

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone and look for the iTunes & App Stores.
  1. Head over to Password Settings.
  1. Disable the option “Require Password.”
  1. Now you’ll not be asked for any authentication on installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I Turn Off Ask Permission On My iPhone?

If this permission bothers you and wastes your precious time, you can turn them off from your Settings. But these permissions are for security and to look for your control over your iPhone. 

Will Turning Off Ask Permission Completely Disable All Permission On iPhone?

No, These permissions are specifically for your iPhone’s Family Sharing and App installation feature. Rather than these, no permissions on your iPhone will be turned off.

Can I Turn Off Ask Permission For Specific Apps Only?

No. It’s not possible on iOS to disable permission for some specific apps only.

Final Words

The whole article concluded that you could turn off the permissions on your iPhone from the Family Sharing feature.

Hopefully, now you should know how to turn off ask permission on your iPhone and all the related queries.

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