iPhone 13 Gets Hot While Charging? (13 Quickest Fixes To Do)

Currently, iPhone 13 overheating is a very hot topic, and I have encountered this issue, and believe me, it’s very stressful. I initially thought it was normal for iPhones, but I soon discovered it wasn’t.

iPhone 13 gets hot while charging because of the extreme gaming, streaming, and high brightness.

In this article, I explained many other numerous reasons for overheating while charging and how to fix them. Based on my personal experience, I’m sure you’ll be able to solve this issue with these fixes.

Unveiling the 4 Key Components That Heat iPhone 13

Before moving towards the causes and fixes of the heating issue, firstly, you need to know which components produce heat. So, then you’ll be much more familiar with the reasons and the cause.

These four components produce heat:

1. Processor

The processor is the brain of an iPhone as it controls how all of your data flow through the iPhone. It produces more heat when it’s overloaded.

This means that when you run more apps or perform more intensive tasks, the processor will work more and produce more heat.

2. Radios

Cellular services in iPhones, like wifi and GPS, also generate heat. Cellular data is more likely to produce heat than wifi and GPS as it requires signal strength.

So, making more lengthy calls or using data for a long time might result in more heat.

3. Display

The display is a minor but significant source of heat. When you increase the brightness, the backlight causes the display to generate heat.

Displays can also overheat when ambient conditions give a pump to the display.

4. The Battery Charger

When you plug in charging to your iPhone, it will transfer voltage to the battery, which generates heat. Because of this, you feel your iPhone getting hot.

Now that you know all the heat sources in your iPhone, it’s time to move toward why your iPhone gets hot while charging.

10 Possible Reasons Your iPhone 13 Gets Hot While Charging?

If your iPhone 13 is overheating while charging, it’s because of the low quality charger, high brightness and extreme usage.

Below are some other possible reasons for iPhone 13 getting hot while charging.

1. Streaming

Viewing content on iPhone 13 either on cellular data or wifi can lead to iPhone overheating issues while charging

As I already discussed, the display and processor are the major sources of heat in iPhone, and in streaming, both sources are being used, which may cause overheating.

2. Gaming

Gaming also plays a significant role in making your iPhone 13 hot while charging. It’s because when you play heavy games on your iPhone 13, the processor and operating system work more and consume more heavily.

And as I already mentioned above, more processor consumption means more heat. So, playing heavy games is the second major cause of iPhone overheating while charging.

3. Using a Phone While Charging

Maybe you won’t believe it, but it’s my personally tested cause. Whenever I use apps while charging, my iPhone 13 gets so hot.

The science behind this factor is the simultaneous operation of multiple components and increased power consumption. 

As I already discussed, charging is the major heat source, so using a phone while charging puts more stress on the processor, resulting in overheating.

4. Environmental Temperatures

According to Apple, environmental conditions also affect the iPhone’s temperature. Using iPhone in extremely warm temperatures will shut down your PhonePhone to prevent serious loss.

Likewise, charging your iPhone 13 in a room with high temperature may lead to overheating issues. And it’s because iPhone adopts the environmental temperature.

5. Long Video Calls and Facetime

No doubt, time flies by when you’re on the PhonePhone with your friends, and sometimes it’s so long you can’t believe it. But remember, it’s also a cause of iPhone overheating while charging.

It’s because video calls and the Facetime app require a microphone and camera to be active for a long time which increases the workload on the PhonePhone and thus puts a big load on the processor, which automatically results in the iPhone overheating.

6. Long Audio Calls

Audio calls also lead to overheating while charging because they involve the microphone being active for a longer. 

Especially if you are using AirPods, then you are consuming more power and processor of your iPhone because of the Bluetooth.

7. Using Hotspot Or Bluetooth, Or wifi

Although you won’t notice it, charging your iPhone 13 with a hotspot, Bluetooth, or wifi turned on will make it extremely hot.

The main reason behind this is the extra power consumption as multiple components are utilized.

8. Using Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are also the leading cause of iPhone 13 overheating while charging as they use inductive charging phenomenon.

Well, you might know that this phenomenon involves the transfer of energy wireless through an electromagnetic field, which generates heat.

9. Defective Battery

Alongside all the above reasons, a defective battery can also cause overheating due to internal malfunctions and damage. 

As iPhone contains a lithium-ion battery so it’s normal to have issues like short circuits and chemical reactions that produce heat. 

10. Software Issue

Last, software bugs can also cause overheating in iPhone 13 while charging. It could be a bug in your iOS version or any app that loads the processor excessively.

Also, these bugs can interrupt the charging process causing the iPhone to work harder to maintain the charging connection. These all results in the generation of heat due to extra load.

Now that you know what causes iPhone 13 to overheat while charging, let’s move on to the tips for fixing this problem.

13 Fixes To Fix iPhone 13 Overheating Issue While Charging

If your iPhone 13 is getting hot while charging, try not to charge it in ambient temperature. Use a cool place for charging and minimize your usage while charging.

Here are some other tips that I used to resolve my iPhone overheating issue. Try following each tip, and hopefully, it will work.

1. Turn Down Brightness

As you must know, brightness and display are the major sources of heat as they consume much power on your iPhone. So, much power consumption means much battery drainage and overheating.

So, always turn down the brightness before putting phone on a charge as it increases the iPhone’s 13 battery health.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

I already discussed that outside environmental conditions influence the iPhone battery’s health. So, it’s important to prevent the iPhone from direct sunlight exposure.

For iPhones, the ideal temperature range is 32°F to 95°F (0°C and 35°C). 

For your ease, I’ve mentioned some guidelines which would help you to overcome the heating issue:

  • Don’t use your iPhone too much in direct sunlight.
  • Never leave your iPhone on the dash under direct sunlight while driving.
  • Do not place your phone on a furnace or radiator that generates heat.

3. Don’t Use wifi Or Data Unnecessarily.

As data and wifi consume more processors and power of your iPhone, try not to use them unnecessarily.

If you don’t want to turn them off, I recommend doing that at night. Before going to sleep, turn off your wifi or mobile data. It will save much power for your PhonePhone and reduces the chance of iPhone overheating issue.

4. Check Your Apps

It’s the most important tip because any of your apps mostly causes overheating. So, check every app on your iPhone and see how much battery it consumes.

If an app consumes more Phone’sPhone’s battery, try clearing its cache or reinstalling it. Also, close unused apps.

5. Turn Off the Background App Refresh

Turning off the background app refresh is the most effective solution to fix the overheating issue.

 The increased processor activity, multiple concurrent refreshes, and continuous network connectivity consume more power. So turning it off can result in a significant improvement in overheating issues.

Here’s how you can turn it off:

  1. Launch your iPhone’s 13 settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Look for the Background app refresh.
  4. Turn it off.

6. Disable Hotspots And Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Hotspots are the biggest culprits for causing overheating on an iPhone 13. It’s because they require cellular connectivity and more processor.

So, you should disable Hotspot and Bluetooth, especially before charging. Then you will see good results.

7. Use Airplane Mode

Sometimes, to fix the network and connectivity issues, turning on the airplane mode is recommended as it disconnects all the network connections and makes your iPhone lighter.

So, enabling airplane mode before charging doesn’t heat up your iPhone 13.

8. Turn Off Location Services

Turning off location services also prevent overheating while charging. You limit the continuous GPS usage, network connectivity, and background location updates when you turn off location services.

So, it minimizes the load on the processor thus resulting in less heating of your iPhone.

9. Update iPhone And Apps.

Updating iOS and apps to the latest version results in bug fixes that provide stability to the iPhone and thus reduce the risk of overheating.

It also optimizes the performance of your iPhone 13, which leads to better battery efficiency and reduces strain on the processor. So, software updates can help you a lot in fixing this issue.

10. Turn On Auto-Brightness

If you feel annoyed by increasing or decreasing brightness repeatedly, I recommend turning on the auto-brightness. You can configure the auto brightness setting for your ease.

This feature will automatically adjust your Phone’sPhone’s brightness based on the light conditions. Thus it will reduce the strain on the battery and prevent it from overheating.

11. Limit Processor-Intensive Tasks

As I already mentioned, streaming and gaming are the major cause of overheating while charging. So, you should reduce their usage to increase the processor’s lifespan and decrease iPhone’s power consumption.

I recommend you to use a laptop or another phone for this purpose.

12. Reset All Settings

Resetting your iPhone is not recommended because I’ve not tested it yet. But according to some sites, it effectively fixes the overheating issue. But I recommend following the above tips first.

Resetting your iPhone 13 includes the following steps: (It might be different on different iPhone models)

  1. Launch settings on your iPhone from your home screen.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Look for the Reset. 
  4. Tap on Reset All Settings.

13. Repair Corrupted System (100% Success Rate)

If all the above tips and solutions won’t work even after resetting, the issue persists, which means that your iPhone’s internal system is faulty and there is a hardware problem. 

In this case, you should consult a professional and tell him your problem. I recommend you consult an Apple-certified professional that will fetch that hardware issue, and he will help you to solve Phone’sPhone’s temperature.

Bonus Tips To Overcome Heating Issue In iPhone 13

I have included some bonus tips below to help you avoid iPhone 13 heating issues.

1. Use Apple’s Official Charger

There are many high-quality power adapters in the market that offer fast charging, but they generate more heat, and your iPhone is stuck.

Also, the heat generated from such cables and third-party chargers damages your iPhone’s battery life.

So, to prevent your iPhone 13 from getting hot while charging, you should use Apple’s original charger. 

Here’s my recommendation for iPhone 13 Official charger that will not cause overheating.

2. Stick To Standard Charging

Secondly, I recommend you stick with standard charging instead of fast charging. Don’t use quick charging cables that generate more heat.

Always use the Apple official cable specifically designed for the iPhone 13. You can buy iPhone 13 original charging cable from the link below.

3. Switch To MagSafe Charging

MagSafe charging is now taking place instead of the Apple wireless system. You need Apple’s MagSafe charger and Apple power adapter for this charging system.

MagSafe offers efficient charging that optimizes power sources and reduces energy loss, thus minimizing the chances of overheating.


Why Does My iPhone 13 Get Hot While Charging?

iPhone 13 might get hot because of streaming, gaming, or high power consumption. It also happens when you enable a high-voltage charger that traps heat inside the PhonePhone.

Is It Normal For iPhone 13 To Heat Up While Charging?

No. The heating up of an iPhone 13 is not normal when plugging in a high-voltage charger. 

Can a Faulty Charger Cause My iPhone 13 to Overheat While Charging?

Yes. A faulty charger can definitely cause your iPhone 13 to get hot while charging. So, I recommend you use the Apple Certified power adapter and cable to avoid overheating.

Wrap Up

The article concluded that heating up your iPhone 13 is abnormal, and excessive heat might lead to serious issues. It happens when you do gaming or streaming for a longer time. It also happens because of the software or hardware issues.

So, to avoid overheating in your iPhone 13, you should not do intensive tasks like playing games or streaming for a longer time.

Hopefully, now you should know why iPhone 13 gets hot while charging and how to fix it. 

Note that all the above causes, solutions, and bonus tips are based on my experience and deep research, and I’m sure that they will help you fix the overheating issue in your iPhone 13.

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