iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Health: (2023 Ultimate Tips, Tricks, and Facts)

Many iPhone users wonder how long their iPhone 13 pro max battery health will last and how to maintain it.

Countless cases of iPhone 13 pro max owners claim to experience the sudden battery-dropping issue. 

But don’t worry. In this post, I’ve shared all the stats and facts about the maximum capacity of iPhone 13 pro max battery and all the related queries.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Health After 1.5 Years: Personal Experience

After 1 year of use, my iPhone 13 pro max battery health is 89 percent, which is pretty good.

I expected a battery health of around 85% because I’m a heavy user without proper care.

However, I cared too much about my charging habit. Never let my iPhone discharge entirely and charge it around 30%, then remove it when it’s 90% charged.

So, that’s the main reason I still have a good amount of battery health remaining. I might be able to use it for another 1.5 years.

How Long Could iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Capacity Last?

iPhone 13 pro max battery capacity takes 2.5 years to reach 80%. Based on Apple’s statement, a battery with a health level of over 80% is considered good. Therefore, your iPhone 13 pro max battery could reach 80% health after 2.5 years.

Remember, this period may vary from person to person as it depends on your usage. Taking care of the external temperature, avoiding frequent charging, and considering proper charging habits can extend this time.

Expected Maximum Capacity for New iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Expected battery health for brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max is 100% in most cases. But in rare cases, this capacity might be slightly lower due to manufacturing tolerance, but that percentage should be very close to total power.

Occasionally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 100% battery health suddenly drops to 99% in a month or less, causing people to wonder whether 99% battery health is suitable for iPhone 13.

This sudden decrease is due to the factors like testing during production or minor power cycles that may have occurred. However, after time by time, the battery capacity graph becomes normal.

What Factors Can Affect the iPhone Battery Health?

The battery health of an iPhone 13 Pro Max is affected by external temperatures, charging habits, and brightness levels. 

Below are some other factors that affect the battery capacity of your iPhone 13 Pro Max:

1. High Consumption Apps

High-consumption apps are the leading cause of battery health reduction in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Always check the apps that consume more Battery and close that app when not necessary.

2. Frequent Charging

Frequent charging also reduces the battery health of your iPhone and cause overheating problem. Make sure not to charge it again and again. Always charge it when necessary.

3. Avoid Complete Discharge

Most importantly, never wait for a complete discharge of the phone’s Battery. Because lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are more likely to drop the cycles when you charge them from scratch. 

So, try avoiding the complete discharge of your phone’s Battery. I recommend you plug in the charger when the Battery reaches 35-40%.

Maximizing Battery Health Of iPhone 13 Pro Max

You can maximize your phone’s battery life by decreasing brightness and updating software.

Below are some other tips to follow for maximizing the battery health of the iPhone 13 Pro Max:

1. Use Auto-Brightness

So, lowering your brightness level and increasing it only when needed is recommended. I suggest you use auto-brightness, which is highly efficient in maintaining battery health.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Using the iPhone in extremely hot or cold temperatures is not recommended. 

And if you use iPhone without proper care in extreme conditions, it will directly decrease the Battery’s lifespan, and battery health will decline faster. 

So, always use and charge your iPhone at average room temperature.

3. Keep Software Updated

Keeping the software up-to-date minimizes the risk of bugs and issues in your iPhone. These bugs are also the leading cause of battery consumption.

So, it’s essential to remove them, and it can only be done by updating the iOS version.

These tips will surely increase battery performance of your iPhone.

How To Check iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Health?

To check iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life, you just have to use the settings of your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings and click Battery.
  2. Tap on Battery Health
  3. Check the battery health of your iPhone.

Signs of Deteriorating Battery Health in iPhone 13 Pro Max

When your iPhone’s battery life deteriorates, you should notice shorter battery life and faster drain times.

Here are some signs of battery degradation in the iPhone 13 Pro Max:

  • Sudden Shutdowns
  • Slower Performance
  • Inaccurate Battery percentage
  • Increased charging time
  • Reduced battery life
  • Faster battery drains

Impact of Low Battery Health on iPhone 13 Pro Max Performance

The iPhone battery health should be deteriorating if you notice shorter battery life and faster battery drain.

Also, you should see the following impacts of low battery health on your iPhone:

  • Reduced peak performance
  • Throttling
  • Unexpected Shutdowns
  • Battery drains
  • Charging Issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Check the Battery Health of My iPhone 13 Pro Max?

To check the battery capacity of your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. These steps are same for all iPhone models.

What Is a Good Battery Health Percentage for an iPhone 13 Pro Max?

According to Apple, it’s good if your iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity is above 80%.

How Long Does the Battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max Typically Last?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life is mostly 80% in 2.5 years (exceptions are always there). So, after 80%, it’s your choice to use or replace the same Battery.

Can I Replace the Battery of My iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Yes. After 80% battery life, if you consider replacing the Battery, you can consult any professional to easily replace your iPhone’s Battery.

How Can I Maximize the Battery Health of My iPhone 13 Pro Max?

To maximize the battery life of your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you should avoid harsh environments, frequent charging, and lowers brightness levels. This will increase the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery capacity.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you should know all about the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity and the related facts and queries.

Please note that all the above answers and tips are based on my deep research and experience, and I’m sure you’ll benefit significantly from them.

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