MacBook Pro 8 Core Vs 10 Core: (5 Major Differences)

The 8-core and 10-core MacBook Pro models are always a major confusion when choosing a model. Some people are quite straightforward regarding their decision, but after looking at another model, they become confused.

But generally speaking, both models are quite different when it comes to performance. This difference is due to the performance cores (CPU cores) in both models.

In this comparison guide, I’ve discussed everything regarding the MacBook Pro 8-core Vs 10-core. Surely, in the end, you’ll be able to pick the perfect model according to your needs. So let’s get started.

MacBook Pro 8 Core Vs 10 Core: 5 Major Differences

Below are the major factors on which 8-core and 10-core MacBooks differ:

1. CPU Cores

After testing both models, I’ve concluded that the major manner in which both machines differ is the CPU cores.

Both models have different numbers of CPU cores. Talking about the 8-core MacBook Pro so it has six performance cores and two efficiency cores.

While on the other side, the 10-core variant has some extra performance cores compared to the 8-core variant. It offers eight performance cores and two efficiency cores.

2. GPU Cores

Like CPU cores, Apple has also kept an edge regarding GPU cores in both models. 

The 10-core model again wins as it features 16 GPU cores, while the 8-core variant has only 14 GPU cores.

Most people don’t notice this difference, but it’s quite noticeable for professionals. The reason is that a higher GPU helps in heavy tasks and working in a benchmark application. 

In such a situation, you may see a difference in fan speeds and noise of both variants.

3. Cooling System

Until now, you must be familiar that the 10-core MacBook Pro is designed for intense work. 

So, its cooling system and fans are also designed to bare the increased heat output to avoid any serious loss and ensure effective performance.

This is because the temperatures of the 10-core variant might go higher during the intensive work as all of the GPU becomes engaged. So that’s another difference between the two models.

4. Battery Life

There’s no way battery life can’t be different when CPU and GPU cores differ. Tests and experiments on the internet show that the 8-core version has a slightly longer battery life.

This is because the 10-core variants have more cores which consume more power. So, it has a shorter battery life than the 8-core variant.

But that’s not a big deal because the change is small. Tests show that the 8-core variant last 20-40 minutes longer than the 10-core variant.

5. Price

You can also expect a great price compared to the one without extra CPU, GPU cores, and advanced cooling systems.

That’s right. There’s also a price difference between both models. The 10-core variant costs $200 more than the 8-core. 

Apple charges this extra cost because of the advanced cooling system and extra CPU and GPU cores. 

The price of the 10-core variant is $2300, while that of the 8-core variant is $2100.

MacBook Pro 8 Core Vs 10 Core: My Hands-On Tests

To prove the above differences, I perform a hands-on test between both devices, and look what I found:

1. Lightroom Editing Test

Firstly I performed a Lightroom editing test on both devices. On importing some high-resolution pictures, I saw no lagging on both device.

After a minor color correction, I exported the pictures and found a slight difference in exporting. The 10-core variant exports the picture faster than the 8-core variant due to the extra cores.

2. Video Editing Test

It is fair to say that both variants perform equally well in video editing.

There was no log, and the frames were not dropping on both devices. Also, the FPS counter remained green, and the overall experience was smooth on both devices.

Both the devices perform well on exporting the videos after minor after-effects and color grading. However, the 10-core variant finishes the exporting a minute earlier than the 8-core variant; that’s not a big deal.

3. Gaming Test

In terms of gaming, there’s no difference at all. Both devices give the same results and FPS with no lag.

So, you can choose any of them from these variants if you love gaming.

When To Buy An 8-Core MacBook Pro?

After going through the comparison guide, you must clearly understand the differences and know which one to buy. But if you are still confused, I’ve some solid points to make your decision easy.

If you have a tight budget and want to do normal work without intensive tasks and long battery life, then the 8-core variant is a good option.

When To Buy An 10-core MacBook Pro?

If you want a great performance boost for multi-tasking and intensive tasks like video editing and 3D rendering, a 10-core MacBook Pro is a perfect option.

But you need to pay some extra bucks for this variant. So, if you can afford it, go with this option.

If you’re interested in M1 Pro 8 Cores Vs 10 Cores, click the link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which MacBook Pro Variant Should I Buy?

If you have a tight budget and normal work, then an 8-core variant is recommended. But if you are a professional and want intensive work, choose the 10-core variant.

Is An 8-core Processor Good For Gaming?

Yes. It comes with 14 GPU cores, which are enough for gaming and provide an average time of 7-8 years.

Which MacBook Variant Is Good For Video Editing?

The different website shows the different answer to this question. But according to my hands-on test, both devices are quite similar in video editing. But if you are too curious about your time, choose the 10-core variant.

Is An 8-Core CPU Enough?

Yes. It offers six performance and two efficiency cores, which are quite powerful and can easily handle intensive tasks like 3D rendering and modeling.

Final Words

The article concluded that the 10-core variant and 8-core variant differ in 5 ways, but both are quite good in performance.

So, buying them depends on your preferences. If you want to save your budget, go with the 8-core variant; and if you are professional, buy a 10-core variant.

Hopefully, now you should have a good idea of MacBook Pro 8-core vs 10-core and all the related queries.

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