How Much Does A MacBook Pro Battery Cost? (Explained)

The MacBook Pro battery might need to be replaced if it is damaged, drains quickly, and no longer holds a charge. But how much does a MacBook Pro battery cost to replace it?

Generally, the MacBook Pro battery costs $199, but it also depends on your Mac model. The replacement might be free if you have AppleCare+ and a warranty. 

Don’t worry if you find it still confusing. I’ve shared all the details and costs associated with Apple and an outside company replacing a MacBook Pro battery.

So let’s get started.

How Much Does A MacBook Pro Battery Cost?

MacBook Pro ModelReplacement Cost Without AppleCare+
16-inch MacBook Pro$199
15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina Display)$199
13-inch MacBook Pro (Retina Display)$199
15-inch MacBook Pro (Simple Display)$130
13-inch MacBook Pro (Simple Display)$130

The cost to replace a MacBook Pro battery can vary depending on your Mac model and where you get the replacement battery from.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $130 to $199 for a new MacBook Pro battery.

Fortunately, if you have an AppleCare+ subscription, you can save money when replacing the battery. 

You can see below the total cost of replacement with AppleCare+ and without.

1. Replacement Cost With AppleCare+

You’re fortunate if you own a MacBook Pro model released in 2016-2017. Apple offers a battery replacement program for these models, and the cost is also very reasonable.

By entering your Mac serial number, you can visit Apple Support to check if you are eligible for their replacement program.

If your Mac is eligible and is covered by AppleCare+, the battery replacement cost is $0. You can see more details here.

Before purchasing a new battery directly from Apple, checking if your computer is still under warranty is essential. 

Although if your battery is running low, it’s unlikely that you’re warranty still covers you. 

Nevertheless, it’s always worth double-checking to see if you are eligible for a replacement battery at a reduced cost if your warranty is still active.

If you have AppleCare+ and your Mac battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity, you are eligible for the battery replacement at no cost.

Bonus Tip: Before purchasing the new battery from Apple, I advised you to check your Mac eligibility for the battery replacement program.

2. Replacement Cost From Outside Vendors

If you feel it’s easy to replace the battery yourself instead of Apple, then some cheaper options exist.

Be careful not to strip any screws attached to the back of your MacBook Pro or those holding your battery in place if you decide to replace the battery yourself.

I recommend you hire a professional or consult an expert to replace the battery after purchasing it.

If you want a cheaper and quick option better than Apple, check out these sites:

  • Amazon: On Amazon, the MacBook Pro battery costs from $30 to $120, depending on your model.
  • iFixit: This site has the most batteries for your MacBook Pro and offers replacement kits and tools to do it yourself. Their batteries cost $60 to $150.
  • LaptopBatteryExpress: This site is my favorite because of its deals and discounts. Depending on your model, you can get a battery from $69 to $130 on this site.

How To Check If Your MacBook Pro Battery Needs Replacement?

All MacBook batteries have a life cycle defined by the number of charges it goes through throughout their life. This is known as the battery cycle. 

You should expect about 1000 battery cycles before a replacement for a typical MacBook. 

So checking how many battery cycles your Mac has gone through is an easy way to check if you need a battery replacement.

Follow these steps to get this done:

  • Click on the Apple logo from the top left corner to “About this Mac.”
  • Now click on the System report button.
  • Select the Power option from the left corner, and you’ll see a screen showing the total number of battery cycles your Mac has gone through. Or you can also check the battery health of your MacBook to see if it needs a replacement.

You must buy a new battery if your MacBook Pro has completed 1000 cycles.

Signs You Need A New Battery For MacBook Pro?

Following are the signs that you need a new battery for your MacBook Pro:

  • The battery no longer holds a charge or drains quickly, even when the computer is unused. 
  • The battery percentage drops significantly when performing tasks requiring more power, such as watching videos or running multiple applications simultaneously.
  • The battery is showing signs of physical damage.
  • The battery is more than three years old.

Conditions On Which Battery Replacement Cost Varies

Although the MacBook Pro battery replacement costs $199, this cost may change depending on some conditions. These conditions are:

  • Firstly, the replacement cost varies depending on your MacBook Pro model.
  • If you have a warranty on your Mac, you can replace the battery with a service Fee.
  • Remember, this doesn’t apply to MacBook Pro, whose battery wore down under normal use.
  • If you have an AppleCare+ and your Mac has less than 80% of its original capacity, you don’t have to pay any battery replacement costs.
  • The battery replacement cost also varies depending on the type of vendor you are consulting. Each brand has its prices.

How To Save Money On MacBook Pro Battery?

Here are some tips on how to save money on MacBook Pro battery replacement:

  1. Make sure to compare prices from different brands and retailers when shopping for the best price on the MacBook Pro battery. 
  2. Many brands offer sales on MacBook Pro batteries occasionally, so if you can get those sales, you’ll save more money.
  3. You can also search for any promo code discounts and apply them to get more savings on the MacBook Pro battery.

How To Make MacBook Pro Battery Long-Lasting?

Below are a few bonus tips that you can follow to make your MacBook Pro long-lasting and increase its lifespan:

1. Keep Your MacBook Cool

The first step to increase your Mac battery life is to keep it cool and avoid overheating in temperature and storage.

Avoid keeping your MacBook on your lap or in direct sunlight, as this can cause the battery to overheat.

If you’re not using it for a while, store it in a cool, dry place from direct sunlight.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

MacBook Pro battery should be kept away from excessive cold or heat. Being left in direct sunlight will reduce the battery’s lifespan, so it is safest to always keep it at a moderate temperature.

3. Keep It Charged

Last but not least, one of the best ways to increase its lifespan is to keep it charged, not at 100% but around 50%.

I recommend you not to drop your Mac battery from 40%. This can increase its battery life.

Why is the MacBook Pro Battery Expensive?

As the MacBook Pro is a powerful machine, its battery is expensive. Also, there are several reasons why the MacBook Pro battery is expensive:

  • High-quality materials
  • Complex manufacturing process
  • Research and development
  • Limited Supply

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much To Replace MacBook Pro Battery?

It costs $199 to replace the MacBook Pro battery without the AppleCare+. Also, the cost might vary depending on the MacBook Pro model you own.

How Many Years Should A MacBook Pro Battery Last?

A typical MacBook Pro battery should last about five years. But it also depends on your usage and the battery life per charge (Battery cycles).
When battery cycles exceed 1000, you should replace your MacBook Pro battery.

Can I Replace My MacBook Pro Battery By Myself?

Yes, you can. But Be careful not to strip any screws attached to the back of your MacBook Pro or those holding your battery in place if you decide to replace the battery yourself.
So, it is recommended to hire an expert for this process.

How Much Does MacBook Pro Battery Cost With AppleCare+?

If you have an AppleCare+ Subscription and fulfill their criteria, you don’t need to pay anything for it.

Does Apple Replace Mac Batteries?

Yes. Apple offers a Mac batteries replacement program. So, if you are eligible for it, you can replace your Mac battery.


The article concluded that a MacBook Pro battery costs $199, but it also depends on your Mac model. The replacement might be free if you have AppleCare+ and a warranty. 

Hopefully, now you should know how much a MacBook Pro battery costs and all the related facts and queries.

The answers are based on my deep research and experience, and I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly from them.

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